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07-25-2010, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by STUTOMMIES View Post
Well Rantfather, I have been trying to stay out of this debate but since you ask I will wade in.

My former website was bombarded with comments concerning Eagles and his tenure at STU. I read them all and often times would verify were they came from to suit myself. There were many posts from the same people but there was many unique ones as well. I think it was a pretty well known fact that I tried to support Eagles and perhaps even defend him. With that said, by the end of it, the comments got to me and perhaps started to sink in.

Long and short of it, if STU wants someone who will work hard, be loyal, and honest they have the right person.

If they want a good recruiter, social butterfly, and friend to all they don't have the right person.

I know the statistics of the team and they are not flattering since Eagles has taken over. Maybe they aren't his fault? Maybe he is the wrong coach for the institution where he is the coach? Perhaps at a larger school he could have better success with a large course offering and unlimited budget? I don't have answers for any of those things.

I want and I have always wanted my team to win and I have little hope of this happening. I would like to see us beat UNB on a regular basis, that isn't going to happen either.

On the plus side I don't have to go to the games anymore if I don't want to and give to something that just continues to break my heart.

I remember a time when UNB fans use to hate the Tommies and wouldn't hold back on the insults. They pity us now. There isn't even any use to teasing them, as the only one that looks STUpid is me.

The UNB fans have been quiet on this issue. As our natural rival (far from the biggest for years) how do you feel about sTu's current state of affairs and what can be done? I don't think the media guys should comment in this forum but I do think they should pay attention to what people are saying here.

kexoduc, drummer, foyle, rob, super squirrel, squirrel for ever, what is wrong?

AUS Fan, Island Husky, Alpine, Blue Ealge, Timbit, what do you think from outside the Freddy district?

I got carried away, I'm sorry. Woe is me.
All I know for sure is a few of my STU buddies are pretty down in the dumps and as good hockey fans it sucks that they're losing the will to cheer their team on. They don't deserve that.

If I were a STU fan, I'd have to ask some questions.

Seems the brass at STU either doesn't care about win/loss records, or doesn't have the governance structure and will to make a change. It's got to be one of these two scenarios because I can't imagine any other scenario allowing the program to continue this long without some sort of change in approach. If it's the former, that's fine, that's the school's right to live by that philosophy. Ain't the STU I remember though...

I guess STU like any other school should ask itself why it has an AUS hockey team, and if its current situation is working to accomplish those goals? If it's just to give people a chance to play, AUS level is probably an ineffective way to accomplish this as it rewards the privileged few, whereas club level teams can be better avenues to distribute the wealth and opportunity. But that's usually not why schools participate in CIS varsity level sports.

If it's to promote community, campus life, and the STU brand as a flagship program, I guess I'd question if the results are being met? In most organizations, the CEO answers to the Board. Methinks the blame directed at Coach/AD Eagles might be aimed one tier too low on the org chart. If I was a Tommies fan, I'd get these questions answered, and then determine how I felt about supporting the Coach/team.

I can't sit here and say with certainty that a different coach could do any better. Jadran Beljo wasn't coming to STU, JB probably still leaves, etc...some bad luck here too. A lot of CIS coaches don't do a better job than Mike Eagles, they just don't play 12 games a year vs Acadia, SMU and UNB. I bet a lot of teams go 2-10 or worse in those 12 games. Then you go .500 in the next 16 games against 4 other pretty tough teams. Tough conference to play in.

I do think the 2010 Tommies were a far stronger team than the 2009 Tommies, and the hate on for Eagles was at least a year too late, and didn't recognize this. But probably 7 of 8 teams improved last year so that didn't really buy much for STU. Maybe they'll have enough improvement from within to make a run this year.

I just want my team to win. I've never got any satisfaction out of seeing other teams lose. (other than good natured ribbing of a few Tommies fans). Probably why I was cheering for SMU in March.

Hope it works out for you guys. Everyone's better off with a competitive STU team.

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