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Originally Posted by SoundsGood View Post
You might have a hard time getting the connected people, at first . So I suggest that since they won't be on your site at first and also to get thing started, there should be a profil type, controled by admins, which would be "trackers". These trackers would track the name of their profil. Ex: Ek. Could be tracked even if he doesn't post on your website. Once this hasbeen done for a while, you can approche Ek and say:
" Dude, you should start a profil and start filtering your rhumers by posting the most reliable ones, so that the people can see you are better then what we have tracked so far. You are better then 0,5%, right???"

Or something that won't piss him off and make himwant to post, tobeat his own tracker.
That's a good idea and also I believe that when for ex Ek sees that other unknown blogger are getting popular because of their score he may see the value of the site for his reputation.

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