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07-26-2010, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by roast View Post
Depends on where you play - most leagues i've played in require the following:

1) Helmet (visor / cage optional)
2) Gloves
3) Cup
4) Shin Guards
5) Elbow Pads

If you decide to forsake any of the above, you'll be sorry. I'd recommend at least a half-shield, but thats up to you. I got hit in the eye with a slapshot, so I got one. I wouldn't say its not "real" hockey. I played in college and there were some teams that had guys (at the time) that played for sponsored teams that Mission, Tour, etc had. Also, when I say I played in college, the tryouts are no where near anything like ice hockey. Its basically show up and play for most schools that are small. Bigger ones had multiple teams, etc.

As someone else mentioned, there is no offsides or icing. This opens up the game big time and yes, cherry picking will be huge. I grew up playing ice and switched to roller when I was 18 just for the college years. You can easily spot (most of the time) who grew up playing which version. Roller hockey players have a tendency to hack and whack you to death because hitting is not a part of most youth leagues, no matter the age. Roller hockey players (those that play it exclusively) also have egos that are probably bigger than most NHL players, mainly because of the dangling. The key to playing defense is always make it "look" like you're going for the puck. For instance you really can't stand up someone in roller if you caught in a one on one...BUT...if you reach for the puck and then drive into them, the ref really can't call it.

The good roller hockey players / teams play a style similar to ice - very team oriented and a lot of passing...most adult league teams its "me me me" and its rare to see more than one pass and everyone tries to take hilarious shots and then talk **** to each other. Ugly girlfriends are also a common scene at the roller rinks/dek.

The skating is different - once you've got it down, you can "almost" use a hockey stop...some people make loops like they are a plane landing at a major airport.

I still play it because it can be fun with the right team, and you get good exercise while playing.
Almost forgot about that! That's the one and only way I've ever been allowed to lay people out without a penalty. Works even better if you do it right when they make their move so they have extra momentum. Refs will never call it, but if your stick is not in position to make a play and you hit someone you're gonna get 2 minutes every time... I learned that after I broke my stick (and had to discard it) then checked the puck carrier in the slot... Immediately the ref threw his arm up. Made the same play many times while going for the poke check without a penalty. Guess they chalk it up to incidental running into eachother?

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