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07-26-2010, 01:56 AM
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I never said that it was a 30-6 ratio and in a previous thread that we discussed this before I made that point as well. Maybe it's only 2 times as hard or maybe 4, or somewhere in between but is is not the same.

Its not just a simple math formula because there are other things at play and I realize this but there is a greater likely hood to win or place in the top 5 in one era, the 6 team era, than the 30 team era.

Why is that so hard to see?

Also to Hank, I never said that he would not have played in a 6 team current NHL but your comment got me to thinking about how he would have been allowed to develop in a 6 team league given his early struggles in the NHL and i think that a strong argument that he never would have been given the opportunity in a 6 team current NHL than the current 30 team system we have.

Given his relative success, or lack of it, on the Swedish National team, when he is actually selected, one can make a very strong argument that Hank just would not see the prime time minutes in a 6 team league that he does in a 30 team league.

Maybe that's why Sweden didn't win in Vancouver but IMO I think they thought, and I agree with them , that they had better players than Hank.

To sum up on Hank I highly doubt that he ever develops into a top 20 scorer in a 6 team NHL, never mind winning the scoring title and Hart trophies.

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