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07-26-2010, 07:40 AM
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I've said before that STU's relatively limited academic programs are a recruiting hurdle, and I had an enlightening conversation once with former Tommies captain Kyle MacAllister about just that. In a nutshell Kyle felt that kids in the OHL, and that league, were paying more attention to academics and as a result over-agers coming out of the OHL had more options -- those kids now have the grades to look at getting into degree programs of their choice, and not just settle for a school "that will let them in". His words.

As Ken has noted, STU plays in the most competitive conference in the CIS, and if you're not keeping up you're falling behind. Look, I like Mike and respect him, but maybe the Tommies should follow the NCAA lead and hire a contracted designated recruiter, say someone like Tom Coolen who is now teaching locally full time. STU has some good programs, and some provincially-unique ones such as journalism and criminology which might appeal to hockey players. It is a good student-focused school. There is a great ratio of coeds to males on campus. There is a small(er) but loyal following and you get to be the underdog in the same market as one of the top programs in the country. Package all of that up, sell it.

Personally, count me as someone who wants to see a better, more competitive Tommies team. The STU-UNB rivalry is dormant to say the least, which is sad considering this used to be the most intense match-up in CIS hockey.

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