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07-26-2010, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Slick Cat View Post
No chance at the playoffs at all. Our team will get beaten and beaten up on a regular basis. No scoring and no toughness. Maybe they'll show some heart here and there but heart doesn't score goals consistently or take on true tough guys on other teams when your team is being manhandled. The Lebron thing only makes it worse, because now we are less relevant in south florida, if that is even possible. Tallon might have had a nice draft but we won't find out until another four playoff-less seasons go by (we've wathced this show before and know how it ends). This organization is an absolute disaster. The moves we made are laughable at best. As much as I love having hockey in south florida and have had tickets since year one, our ownership groups since Wayne and their management have all been terrible and make me question whether we even deserve a team here. Except for some true diehards like me that just like to go to the games no matter what (and I question myself every year for investing in this joke) we will never be able to draw down here. There are many fans who over the years have looked at things with rose colored glasses, tauting Dudley and then martin and preaching just wait and see, it sounds like the same song again to me as I am not fooled by the "plan" which is really give me four years of no accountabilty.

Just yesterday I wrote the following in a Toronto thread discussing who's further between Toronto and Florida.

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