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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
Are you really including '98?
No. For completeness sake, I provided the information but noted the fact that it was one game played.

From '99-'2009 (9 seasons), his average is about 3 minutes (2.9 from my calculation).
Legwand averaged 2:47 PP TOI/G over 8 seasons. Remove the 4:42 and it drops to 2:34.

That's scoringline line time-- similar to what Hornqvist got this year.

Never did I say he had the most. In terms of your rankings.. you're also including players we got at the trade deadline who piled up most of their PP time with other teams. He's been atleast on the 2nd PP unit, and a few years on the 1st PP unit. In 07-08, you say he was 4th on the team. Nice to give the tie to Erat, who had the same 3:30 per game. That's first line PP time.
What are you trying to prove?

The stated opinion of most is that Legwand is likely the best defensive forward on the team and most assuredly the best two-way forward on the team. When played with other top-line talent, he generally produces in a similar fashion. When played with other levels of talent, he generally produces in that fashion. Statistics all bear that out. They also bear out that he has seen the least opportunities offensively compared to other forwards on the team.

Also, he ranked FIRST in Even Strenth TOI/g for MOST of those years too. Add it all together, he's had plenty of icetime to show his offensive abilities.
That's because, being the best two-way forward for Nashville and Trotz's system, he plays against the opposition's top line the most (which get the most minutes traditionally). Nashville plays the matchup game much more than most teams. As such, Legwand see's ice time go up in those situations where defense is most paramount (against the opposition's best at ES or PK).

What were saying is that, other than 2006-07, Legwand didn't get much in the way of opportunity to go out as the top line with the responsibility to score goals. For the vast majority of his career, his responsibility has been to stop the opposition first.

The apologists always come back to linemates. Johansson, Smithson, whoever. I can't count how many times people blame Smithson for Legwand's 40 goal drought, conveniently leaving out Legwand had 50% more icetime than Smithson, 2 min of PP time, etc. This year he was given less opportunities. Why? Because he didn't deserve more. Still, he was 2nd on the team in ES time (3 seconds behind Arnott), and had the 2nd most PP time among centers. Goc had 11 sec / game of PP time. O'Reilly had more per game, but only a handful of games.

But for me, it doesn't come down to stats. It comes down to his play. 1 in 10 years he's been a legit scoringline player, and it was his contract year. I don't expect it to magically happen for the next 4 years as he enters his 30's. I'm glad he's on our team, but the price is horrible, especially for a cash strapped team.
The price is not bad now. It was bad the past two years. Legwand will make $4.5 million the next two years before dropping to $4 and then $3.5. Those are all very livable.

As for linemates, you may want to shrug them off, but unless your're Ovechkin (or in that class) they matter. Nashville does not now, or ever (in my opinon), possess a truly elite offensive presence. Kariya was the closest, but even he was on the downside of his greatness.

It's so much easier to create offense when you have someone that can draw the defensive focus, or fits with what you do as a player. Look at Hornqvist (since you brought him up). Hornqvist found out that he needs to play around the net to be successful. Once that started to occur, he began to benefit from the 200+ plus shots that Shea Weber and Jason Arnott poured on net. I fear that Patric will regress some (say 22-ish goals) unless someone else is brought in to replace the number of shots put on net when he's on the ice due to the loss of Arnott.

Another great read is Seth's post above.

If Nashville (Poile and Trotz) want to increase Legwand's offensive output, find him the right linemates and play him in that role. He's proven to be capable in that role. Otherwise, maximize the abilities he does have (which is what they've done traditionally).

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