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07-26-2010, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
Frankly, I don't want Erat and Legwand matched up. I think Legwand holds him back. Erat played much better with Goc (who aint all that great himself). We hear the same thing every year. Last year, it was Erat-Legwand-Santorelli will be a great 2nd line; just give them a chance. This year, it's Erat-Legwand-Kositytnen. Etc, etc. Legwand is a weak link on a scoringline, IMO. He just doens't have the skillset to produce consistently in the offensive zone. And I'm not asking for Oveckin-type numbers.

Any NHL player will put up more points with better linemates. We might as well bring back Scott Walker who scored better than Legwand and give him the best linemates we have.

This was the first year he was given 3rd line material linemates (only part of the time I might add). How did he respond? 40 goal drought. Just driving home the point that he is nearly totally reliant on his linemates to produce offense.

That he's had plenty of opportunity to produce offense in the NHL. I see him as a shut down center with a dash of offense. I've given up on him being a consistent scoringline center.
So if that's the case why continue to post about this stuff? If that's all you expect from him then you should be happy as a clam. His salary and contract aren't going to change so you can say what you want about him not producing offensively but it's not going to change according to you so either live with it or please stop.

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