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07-26-2010, 09:35 AM
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Muscle is DENSER than fat

I only take two measurements, weight and waist circumference. I plug the numbers into this website and that gives me an estimate of my body fat. It's not insanely accurate, but it's consistent and allows me to track changes.

Have I kept the weight off? I did, until I had some personal/life issues and my living situation changed. Real life is a *****. But the key is that I know what to do and when I do it, it works.

I will say after high school I dropped 50 pounds and kept it off for five years by staying active and eating relatively low carb. Binge drinking helped put the weight back on after college, and then I dropped 30 pounds and have been within about 5 pounds of that for most of the last five years. I haven't been super lean, but I haven't really been working out and dieting either.

As for hockey and Atkins, it works just fine. Hockey is an anaerobic sport, so it's not like you need massive amounts of carbs to perform. Think about it this way, did the cavemen carb load before they went hunting? Heck no, they didn't have any food!

If you follow hockey players who have weight problems, like Mike Green or Kyle Wellwood, you see they can't eat like their teammates, they have to eat way more veggies, less pasta, and keep the lean protein. I just watched a Mike Cammalleri video where he's grocery shopping and said if you can't grow it or kill it, don't eat it.

Lastly, it's my theory that those of us who struggle with weight probably aren't designed for the modern diet. I'm pretty sure cavemen didn't eat a bunch of bread and pasta and soda and booze! That's why I like Atkins (especially the newer revisions which emphasize more veggies) sticks to the natural foods that the human body is designed to eat. Sure the FDA/RDA/etc recommend lots of whole grains and low fat diets, but they've been pushing that for 30+ years and people keep getting fatter! Lots of carbs spike the insulin production and your blood sugar, which puts a lot of stress on the body, and when it crashes, you get the hunger, fatigue, weakness, cravings, etc.

Anyway that's my rant. Like I said, last Friday I just started my workouts for winter rec league, and I'm going to do a clean diet for two weeks.

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