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07-26-2010, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by HABitual Fan View Post
Since so many in this thread have brought language into it, I will just add that part of the lack of development of Franco Quebec kids is the language policies in the province. English kids can communicate in French from a young age, whereas their French speaking teammates cannot. On my son's team last year the coaches made an effort to speak in French at the practices, and even had a French speaking captain for the team. However in game situations, where there is little time to explain what you want to the players, English was used.

The sooner the Franco kids can understand the coaches desires in both languages, the more they can be used in specific situations. Being unilingual also prevents them from benefiting from expert coaches who may be unable to speak French that they may run into at various camps etc... It is not a knock on the kids or the French language, but rather another area in which they are a step behind kids who can understand and communicate with all. Despite what governments, some journalists, and a certain fanbase may want, these kids will learn as they move up the ladder in hockey, that the language of hockey, even in Quebec is English.
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