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Kind of, yeah.

The direction/speed of the defender's momentum and his position relative to yours will affect how you choose to protect the puck.

If the defender is slightly in front of you or beside you, you'll want to use your shoulders and your legs to block the body contact and the stick respectively. If the defender is behind you, you can use your forearm to block hooks and your leg again to block whacks at the puck. If the defender is far in front of you, you'll have turn your back to him to shield him from the puck.

It's really just a matter of putting your body between the defender and the puck, while carrying it at a distance where he cannot reach it with his stick and establishing a stance that maintains good balance.

That's actually the one thing I've always been very good at... and to be honest, developed the basics by putting a chair in the middle of my garage and practicing going around it.

Remember that when you're trying to beat the defender one on one, you have options.

The puck can go to the left of him, to the right of him, or through his skates. Your body can go to the left of him or the right of him. When you want to go on the same side as the puck, you're using a puck-protect move. When you want to go in the opposite direction of the puck, you're doing more of a deke. Ideally what you want to learn how to do is fake one way and go the other. A drop of the shoulder, a quick little move with the puck, or even a headfake can throw a defender off... if even for a split second.

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