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07-26-2010, 01:30 PM
Where's my Cup?
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True... I hate the fact A-caliber players are "chilling" in the C category. One guy has like 35+ goals as a "Defense" and he also plays in the A-category... One game, two of our guys said they were missing so we brought up friends that play in B and he denied us and said we were trying to boost... lol? When his friends play in A and C it's okay but we can't bring one player to fill in for a game without he being pissy about it...

You should only be allowed to play in 1 category IMO. If there aren't enough players for the # of teams you accept then just accept less and place the teams in the category they really belong...

I started a team with all friends, even people that didn't know how to play hockey that's why we are C bound, but some teams just look too good for the category... or atleast some players...

I don't know another league we could play in tho... So I guess we just deal with it :l

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