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Originally Posted by drizzy View Post
True... I hate the fact A-caliber players are "chilling" in the C category. One guy has like 35+ goals as a "Defense" and he also plays in the A-category... One game, two of our guys said they were missing so we brought up friends that play in B and he denied us and said we were trying to boost... lol? When his friends play in A and C it's okay but we can't bring one player to fill in for a game without he being pissy about it...

You should only be allowed to play in 1 category IMO. If there aren't enough players for the # of teams you accept then just accept less and place the teams in the category they really belong...

I started a team with all friends, even people that didn't know how to play hockey that's why we are C bound, but some teams just look too good for the category... or atleast some players...

I don't know another league we could play in tho... So I guess we just deal with it :l
There is LCH. it's the total opposite. more organized, but man, sometimes too strict and too much hassle. 5 minutes late = loss. high stick = waist, whether there is someone close to you or not. if you argue more than twice, you can get kicked out. if there is some heat around the net, some teams dman will just hit you behind the head. i got slapped on the hands to no avail over there.

oh and worst thing is it's in cegep maisonneuve on sundays. 5th floor, no air. 1 (too) short and narrow gym and 1 short and (too) wide gym. weeknights it's at frikkin Sauve or Dickson, might as well say Repentigny or Laval for me. LOL

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