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10-02-2003, 10:00 AM
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3 Yrs vs 1

Originally Posted by Stevex
Well Nash is more of a Brad May type of player isnt he.. not a heavyweight.

Man I cant believe they exposed Simpson instead of Hulse. Even if you think Hulse is marginally better.. exposing him creates FAR less of a stir since teams would feel they already passed on Hulse in free agency. I just cant imagine 29 teams will pass on Simpson.. no way. Really surprised they think they could manage without his veteran experience... honestly my first thought was that they are going for Ovechkin after all.

As for Boucher.. almost as surprised. Im not 100% sure he'll be selected but losing those two is a total waste of good assets like ducky said.

The Yotes can retain the rights to Hulse for the length of the contract while they could potentially lose Simpson at the end of this season. Why not risk losing Simpson and if you do lose him, you can sign him after this season.

Some people have called this poor asset management, I would say its is good asset management if Simpson isn't claimed and debatable if he is claimed.

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