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07-26-2010, 03:25 PM
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Ok, I am not an elite player, but I have no problem understating what he was going through. I was playing AA hockey for most of my life. Which is considered the best level of minor hockey. I was always a very good left winger and had a lot of success. I had a lot of speed and I excelled at two thing, blazing on the wing and cut to the net and covering the left side area of the net, to tap in rebounds.
One year I had a meeting with the coach he told me that I was going to play on the first line because he saw my qualities really fit the needs of the center and winger I was going to play with. The only problem is that I had to play the right side. I know it was only minor hockey, but I was never able to be the same player. EVERYTHING is different. From getting a break out pass on the right side. I juste couldn't get them and start skating, I was loosing a lost of speed there and never had the same ability to overskate defenceman since I was getting bad starts. When you cover the front of the net all the passes come from different angle.
It came to a point where you overthink all of your decisions because you want to be a t the right spot at the right time, but it doesn't wolr that way. Hockey is a game of instincts because it is played at a very high speed level.

To be honest, it was easier for me to play the left side at defence, than to play the right wing even though I had been a winger all my life. On the other side, you don't see the ice the same way...

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