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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
lol....oh God no. Testwuide might be good for about 30 to 35 at the height of his career, but no, definitely not a 40 goal guy.
To suggest Testwuide can score 30-35 goals in any season is overreaching. Testwuide has some goal scoring capability, but to judge him by his strong college statistics will lead you down a path of inevitable disappointment. He was a man among boys last year. Once he starts rubbing paint with guys his size, he likely won't see nearly as much production.

Testwuide is a decent skater for his size, he is not a very good skater as you previously suggested. I think Mike may be a servicable AHL player this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if he spends some time in the ECHL adjusting. He played primarily on an olympic rink for 4 years, so his board work is deficient, which is a problem cause that's where he will be spending a lot of his time.

After watching him play the last 4 years, (his brother played at DU, coincidentally) he improved each year. He is more of the mold of a Geoff Paukovich (who was once a highly-touted player who shared the same skill set as Testwuide who now languishes in the minors). He is not a Joe Colborne, who has similar size, less physical play, but is much more gifted and has a much better shot making the NHL.

At best I could see Mike cracking the lineup in 2-3 years as a 4th line mucker, and no thats not because I hate CC, but it's from 4 years of observing him play. There is too much unnecessary hype surrounding this kid, don't annoint him yet.

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