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07-26-2010, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by DenverBoone View Post
To suggest Testwuide can score 30-35 goals in any season is overreaching. Testwuide has some goal scoring capability, but to judge him by his strong college statistics will lead you down a path of inevitable disappointment. He was a man among boys last year. Once he starts rubbing paint with guys his size, he likely won't see nearly as much production.

Testwuide is a decent skater for his size, he is not a very good skater as you previously suggested. I think Mike may be a servicable AHL player this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if he spends some time in the ECHL adjusting. He played primarily on an olympic rink for 4 years, so his board work is deficient, which is a problem cause that's where he will be spending a lot of his time.

After watching him play the last 4 years, (his brother played at DU, coincidentally) he improved each year. He is more of the mold of a Geoff Paukovich (who was once a highly-touted player who shared the same skill set as Testwuide who now languishes in the minors). He is not a Joe Colborne, who has similar size, less physical play, but is much more gifted and has a much better shot making the NHL.

At best I could see Mike cracking the lineup in 2-3 years as a 4th line mucker, and no thats not because I hate CC, but it's from 4 years of observing him play. There is too much unnecessary hype surrounding this kid, don't annoint him yet.
You have your opinion. He is a better skater than you give him credit for. And if he has to spend time in the ECHL,then you will have proved a lot of professional hockey people wrong. There is no way you can know what is inside him and what makes him tick. How can you compare him to players when he has not even stepped on the ice yet? On the pro level.So you are saying the best he has to offer is to be a 26 year old rookie on the 4th line?
Come on dude really. To say you are being objective is BS and that is my opinion

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