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Originally Posted by goalscorer View Post
Such as he was drafted at eighteen years old, that he was our first ever draft pick, that he fits into Trotz's mold, that has good speed, that he's sound defensively? I'm sure you can come up with point was that he is a decent player, but any decent player who has played ten years with an expansion franchise will and should hold most of the records. Maybe this will help...

Legwand -704- 152- 255- 407 Ten season as a Predator
Arnott -275- 107- 122- 229 Four Seasons as a Predator
Erat -552- 123- 229- 352 Eight Season as a Predator

Trade Legwand, add two seasons for Erat, he breaks the goals and assists all time and add six for Arnott even at his diminishing pace and he breaks both with ease. I'm not knocking Legwand, but there are quite a few players we've had or have that if stayed or stay for ten plus years then Legwand wouldn't/ won't have those records. We may have to agree to disagree here. Your original statement doesn't hold any water with me.

Most people complain about Legwand's pay. There are those who want him to be Ovechkin and don't see the defensive value he brings. And then there are those who just don't like him. They are entitled to their opinions. They may not be well thought out in their posts, but I certainly don't consider them stupid. They may not see the game how you or I see it. They may never have played and don't realize the complexities of being in a shutdown role, etc.

In conclusion, I don't agree with most of what you have posted, but I don't think your stupid or sound foolish. We see things differently and that's fine. Thanks for your contribution to these boards and for supporting the only NHL franchise that matters.
On average we're talking a half a goal difference per 82 game season based on average goals per game. Less than four points per 82 game season on average points per game. And that is at Erat's higher salary and lesser defensive prowess. Not exactly a huge offensive differential that you're using as your basis.

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