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07-26-2010, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
I think Miller is put up there because of his Vezina year AND the Olympics. Before this year I had Miller as a top-6 goaltender. He was a solid goaltender in the NHL and had back to back appearances in the Conference Finals for the Sabres (granted the Sabres were a great team and he let up a soft goal against Alfredsson to be knocked out in 06-07). After this year I have him as a top-3. I would not label Miller as the best goaltender UNLESS he can have another two or three years like this in a row.

The reason why Brodeur / Lundqvist have been the two best goaltenders since the lock out is because of their consistency. Year in and year out I'd say Brodeur / Lundqvist are the two most consistent goaltenders and you know you're going to get a quality year out of them.

Personally, I think Henrik has been, overall, the best goaltender in the NHL since the lock out.
If playoffs are going to be used as a barometer its tough to justify Brodeur as better than Miller. I try not to be biased against him and knock him for minor errors but in all honesty Brodeur has not had a good playoff series since the lockout, except for the one against us in '05 where we absolutely sucked. And Brodeur has had teams on par with Buffalo as well.

I would say the main distinction between Miller/Brodeur and Lundqvist is that Lundqvist can elevate his game to a level where he can steal a win against any team on any night. The problem for him is consistency whereas those are the strengths of Miller and Brodeur.

Another blatant ommision is Fleury and Ward who while not the best, has put up numbers and results way better than many in the top ten.

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