Thread: News Article: ESPN: BAC 67% Food Vendor Violations
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07-26-2010, 08:27 PM
King Panther
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as the one who started the complaining about the food prices i will defend my position. raising the prices so high is just bad business. as i said before, i eat before or after the game, but honestly i would like nothing better than to eat between periods. and the thing is, theyre only marginally out of my price range. i would gladly pay 8 or 9 bucks for a burger, fries, and a fountain drink, but i will not pay the 10 to 12 dollars that i believe it is now (although im not positive cause i only ever once looked at the prices and then walked away laughing). their profit would be about 5 or 6 bucks on the deal, instead they get nothing. and i feel that i am not in the minority here, especially with the way the economy is.

the thing about it is that the circumstances work against them, and i will tell you why. first, the game is short enough that im rarely if ever going to get forced to pay the ridiculous prices. this is compunded by the relative ease of getting in and out of the bac. second, theyre right next to a mall that offers many choices in my price range before the game. these two factors take away all their scarcity. really the only thing they can overcharge for is alcohol because their prices are still reasonable compared to so many other bars and clubs where people are used to paying 10-20 bucks for a drink. so really if they wanna be able to afford those over priced third liners masquerading as second liners (cough rhino cough) then they need to be smarter about what they do.

o and while im ripping them ill say again yormark is an idiot

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