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10-02-2003, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Volchenkov
Do you not understand the concept of a deal which benefits both teams.
Yes I do but this one only benefits Ottawa

a) Laraque doesn't give a team more points in the standings than Neil would. Edmonton struggles to make the playoffs, so they are in need of more scoring and talented players. Laraque's intagibles are far superior to Neil's but a prospect like Vermette more than makes up for that.
b) Neil and Laraque are both RWs. Shows how much you know.
Where did I say either played a different wing?Dyslexia on your part?

c) An Oiler fan here mentioned that Rita is your best prospect. Vermette after missing an ENTIRE SEASON and being one year younger than Rita had a far superior season. I think its safe to say that Vermette is far more NHL ready than Rita. Besides, Vermette's speed fits perfectly in edmonton's system. Vermette is our best skating prospect and according to THN Kaigorodov is equal to him. I put them at equal value. Its your pick for who you want.
Whether or not Rita is Edmontons best prospect is open for discussion. IMO he isnt.Who says Vermette is more NHL ready than Rita? Ever heard of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.This is Ritas biggest problem right now.Whether he makes the Oilers or not has no bearing on whether he's NHL ready or not.On some teams he would be..on some he wouldnt.Do I think he'd make Ottawa because you are weak on left wing?...yep.Would Vermette make Edmonton ahead of Comrie,York,Reasoner,and Horcoff? I doubt it. He'd be duking it out with Stoll to tell the truth. NIce to see how you base a players worth only on points scored though.

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