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07-26-2010, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Clint View Post
I don't just pull crap out my ass. (That came out wrong.)
I'm not saying you did, I just wondered where you were getting those impressions from. I have to say I don't know how they are seeing those things about him either. You can knock me if you want, but I stand by my opinions. I'm just telling you what I've seen.

-I don't see Petrovic as an "all or nothing guy" in any way. In fact, I think he plays it pretty safe.

-He wins more battles than he loses for the puck. For sure.

-He gets beat so often in his own end? What the heck? The whole reason this guy was ranked as a first rounder in some circles and went #36 is because of his defensive zone play mostly. Why else would he be thought so highly of? For his cool haircut?

And AGAIN, people, before we get involved in McFarland 2.0, I'm not saying that Petrovic isn't a good prospect or that I want him to fail. Just that some of you need to ease off the throttle on the hype machine instead of resorting to homerism. If we're real about our prospects and understand that not everyone is a blue chip prospect, we'll be much more prepared to see what this team's strong points are, and what we're lacking.
What homerism? How does voting someone as the #10 prospect in our system equate to him being a bluechip prospect?

The same thing happened with Matthias. He was touted on this board after the Bertuzzi trade as our next #1 center, the next phenom, ready to dominate right out of the gate.
You're taking it way too far. Matthias WAS a great center prospect in junior, nobody was at fault for expecting him to possibly become an elite 2nd line center. Who knows, he could still become a 2nd line center, maybe not an elite one, but that wouldn't be too far off the projection. In his last year of junior he was widely considered the best two-way player in the CHL. It's not like people just started hyping him up for no reason. I don't think anyone thought he would become some dominant #1 center, I think you are taking that too far. I don't recall anyone saying he would dominate right out of the gate either.

It turns out he's a pouter when sent to the AHL and doesn't want to earn his bones, and then struggles to get on the board once given a shot in the NHL.
That is debatable, he had it rough in Rochester his first year too. He had huge expectations placed on him by the Rochester fans, and when he didn't become a superstar right off the bat they booed him every game. That's something no 20 year old in the AHL should have to go through. Pretty dumb actually, but hey, he got through it and looks like he's ready for NHL duty now. His production isn't bad at all for a forward his age in the NHL, considering he repeatedly got sent back and recalled, never settled in for a long period of time. Once he did around the trade deadline, he started picking up the scoring, ended with 4 pts. in last 5 games. He's definitely at least a 3rd line center in the NHL at this point, with room to grow.

MR, Petrovic is a long term prospect. He needs work. He's not NHL ready and judging from actual scouting reports, he's still a few seasons off.
No he ain't. I never said he was NHL ready, but yes, a few seasons off. Which isn't a long term project. That's what it takes most d-men to make the NHL after they are drafted, even 1st rounders. Only the creme of the crop make it to the NHL right away or a year later.

Originally Posted by Clint View Post
Because, King Panther, they're paid professionals who must have a modicum of credibility or else no one will purchase their product. I put much more weight into the opinion of paid scouts and analysts over HFboards fanboys who likely have never seen a given prospect play, and possibly never even heard of said prospect until after we drafted him.
You can believe the paid scouts and such if you want, but I'm just giving my opinion as well, and I have seen Petrovic play a handful of times. I'm not trying to say anything about myself, just saying, I'm just putting it out there. I do know what I'm talking about though and not just making stuff up.

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