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07-26-2010, 10:00 PM
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If Québec has lost some ground compared to the rest of the country it has NOTHING to do with economics; and everything to do with development.

1. Coaching is bad at the minor levels. For the elite levels, coaches should be paid, just like in other sports. My daughter was a synchro swimmer for 6 years and we had to pay for the coaches. Same in practically all of the popular sports in this province today!
2. By wanting to please the masses of hockey players, HQ has forgot its elite. Instead of following the paths of Ontario and Western Canada, and adopt a true provincial elite league, giving the best players the opportunity to develop better, HQ decided to increase the number of AA teams. Yes, it costs money to play in AAA hockey in Ontario, but the results are in the pudding. You could say that HQ is following the path that has brought Soccer Canada to the brink of failure: trying to please the masses, it has forgotten the elite.
3. Contact hockey. In the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's, you could HIT at the peewee level. After some specialists came out with studies regarding the effects of physical contacts on pre-teens, the pee-wee level has been shut out of any form of contact. The results are evident: - pee-wee kids skate with their heads down, use their sticks way too much, don't know how to play positional hockey, etc. Québec-born hockey players start to play real hockey at the bantam level, wayyyyy too late.
And with the hormones kicking in at the bantam level, you have hordes of Québec-born hockey players going on rampages to hit, instead of playing hockey. Result: many thousands of talented players drop out of hockey because of the sheer physicality of the game (excessive physicality). The Pocket Rockets and Cournoyers of past generations leave the sport because of it.
4. Hockey Québec. Worst hockey governing body in the country, managed by the worst general manager there is. Plus, Hockey Québec's board of governors is comprised of old farts, who stick around for the peearr side of the job.

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