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Originally Posted by CommonAnomaly View Post
not a third of his goals. Irregardless you would have to know absolutely nothing about hockey to suggest the notion that sammys style meshes with the sedins. Because the simple fact is that it doesnt , if anything he hinders them. Sammy doesnt play a cycle game , its not his MO. Whats difficult to understand about that? Sedins play the cycle below the hashmarks, while sammy is better suited to a rush/perimeter line. If vigneault puts sammy with the sedins for anything longer than 10 games i will be the first one protesting outside gm place asking for his head on a stake.

This inability of yours to understand positional play disturbs me. There is a big difference between rush/cycle lines. Big difference between lines that play below the circles and ones that play a perimeter game. I dont know how you dont get this. Look at where samms shots come from during the regular season , id say about 90% come from outside the hashmarks...... perimeter shots. Then take look at where burrows shots come from , since he adopts to the sedins style , majority are below the hashmarks...... its really not that complicated.
You suggest that anyone can produce with the Sedins (Bernier?) to counter the argument that Salo's production with them means nothing, then you suggest that the issue is not production but style of play. If Samuelson and the Twins produce as a line just as effectively as Burrows and the Twins do, your argument that he disrupts their style of play means little.

Oh yeah, also, I should say that if you disagree with me, then you know nothing about hockey. That statement always adds a lot of content to the discussion and really clinches the debate. Or, if you disagree, that means that you simply don't understand, because, of course, reasonable disagreement with my position is impossible.

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