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07-27-2010, 12:46 AM
peter sullivan
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so....IEH think they have provided proof of financing but glendale doesnt?.....wouldnt there be some kind of official document or even an e-mail or any kind of written acknowledgement that their submittal was accepted 6 weeks ago before negotiations proceeded?...werent the negotiations predecated on that?

if it was not acceptable have they been negotiating all this time without someone at the table saying...oh by the way you never passed that hurdle we required of you....or did they all just proceed without a word being said....or have they not been negotiating?

the quote from frisoni in that article is that without exclusivity, they CAN still negotiatiate with IEH....that doesnt say that they ARE negotiating with them....seems an important difference.

how can they not negotiate the terms of a lease before they buy the team...wouldnt all of their financing be based on what they can achieve in the lease agreement?...once they own the team glendale would have all the negotiating power because IEH would be unable to walk away and be forced into whatever lease glendale wanted.

to me daily's response is basically saying....leave me out of this.

my money says that glendale will be voting on yet another reinsdorf MOU within 8 it for little joey in the coyotes jersey, lieberman.

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