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07-26-2010, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Ya maybe i should given your enlightened response but someone has to put some discussion on in here and for the Hall Gill arguement, I think somewhere a point was missed.

All 30 teams are going to have top lines and top PP minutes and in a 6 team laegaue some of those players roles simply would not be as they are now in a 30 team league and Hank is a prime guy.

The point here is in 15 years, or sooner, my enlightened friend will add to the discussion by saying that Crosby and AO are overated becasue Hank won a scoing title from them.

I guess that if some peopel are going to argue and think that a 30 team league and 6 team league and awards top ten scoring ect are fair comparilbes then it's easy to see why Morenz is the 10th best player of all time on your lists.

I obviously wasn't here at the time but I guess most guys who acknolwedge the level of play today as being better than in the past simply got fed up and left, but I can only specualte on that.
You have yet to make a valid point in this matter.

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