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07-27-2010, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Clint View Post
Do they have their share of homers? Absolutely. But like I said, it just seems that there are more since there are more Leaf fans on the internet than Panther fans. You're deliberately ignoring some of the more level-headed responses from the Leaf fans to get a rise out of yourself.

And by the way, I must admit that I have to agree with some of them. We don't yet have a stud offensive powerhouse forward. What we do have is great goaltending both now and in the future, great defensemen in the system, and then a plethora of 2nd and 3rd line forwards. Can you honestly say that we have a legit scoring stud either on our roster now or in the future?
I never said that we had a stud forward prospect. In fact, Ive said multiple times that we need to be able to get one of Couturier or Hopkins in this coming draft, because then we will have one of the best all around prospect pools in the league.

Im not ignoring anything. I read through all nine of those pages, and while I laugh at what the majority of the Leaf fans say, there were only a few Leaf fans who looked at it from an outsiders view. That was my point as to why I thought the thread was in the wrong forum. Im not taking away anything from what the Leafs have currently or in there system, but I dont think they are far and away the better team of the two, present and future, as most Leaf fans make them out to be.

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