Thread: Speculation: Improving the Fan experience
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07-27-2010, 09:25 AM
Doctor Drej
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I don't think horns will be banned, considering they were just selling them for 5 bucks this past season, and then to tell people there no longer allowed, I don't know but seems like that'd be bad PR to start with. I don't mind them, hell I have one, but when people blow them to blow them then that's where the line is drawn.

Bolt Brigade can go for all I care. We don't need 6-7 Dbags running around telling me to get pumped up when were losing 4-0. Thunderbug can throw out the free shirts or whatever, hell even the cheerleaders can. Don't need guy cheerleaders on top of it.

However, the MC girl can stay. She's hot.

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