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Originally Posted by King Panther View Post
why do i have to.
Because you made a claim. It's general debate etiquette, amongst adults at least, to back up the claims you make with either some sort of explanation or with verifiable evidence.

thats about the percentage of players with first round grades that bust.
Ehh, no. Go look at the Internet Hockey Database and peruse through the first rounders drafted over the last 20 years or so. You may be surprised to see that a vast majority have become not OMG MEGA SUPERSTARS, but solid and contributing NHL regulars.

these people are supposed to make their money by predicting these players futures. the best and highest scouts are the ones who can do it the most accurately. yet 70-90% of these predictions are wrong.
No. No one predicts the future, nor do they imply they do. They do, however, say that such-and-such-player has this upside, and may one day develop into this type of player, perhaps comparable to to current NHL regular X,Y, or Z. They do say that this prospect is good at this aspect of the game, yet weak at this aspect of the game, or that this player's work ethic is great, while this player needs an attitude adjustment.

The bottom line is that no one can predict the anyone's future. They can only estimate what kind of player any given prospect may develop into given the time, effort, and right circumstances.

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