Thread: Speculation: Improving the Fan experience
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07-27-2010, 10:47 AM
sonny side up
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Ban the trumpets (Thrashers just did). Keep em, I like em
Fire the Brass Band. I will pack their bags, they suck on most nights
Fire the Cheerleaders. could care less if they stay or go
Get a Mascot that can skate. same as cheerleaders
Replace that annoying M/C. Voice sounds like finger nails on a blackboard. same as mascot
Stop Bolt Brigade doing anything during play. just fire them, they suck
Get Ushers to do their job and stop folks entering until there is break in play. they do try but people suck
Remove all those tacky vendor carts. Looks like a fairground. who cares if they are beer vendors, its better than having lies out the door
Apply quality control to food/drink, including hygiene. obviously going to happen
Lower food/drink prices (worked for Rays). may not be happening if they fix the quality
Anyone wearing a Bolts Jersey gets a free hot dog or drink voucher. good idea on paper

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