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07-27-2010, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by HalakRulz View Post
1. Moore is good on faceoffs and he is a veteran 3rd line center....something we need!!

2. Eller will not make an impact next season. He will be in the lineup and play 3rd line minutes, maybe even 4th line minutes and he won't generate many points next year.

3. We traded a 2nd round pick away for Moore so why do you think he's not worth the money he's asking for?? His speed and experience alone make him worth over $1 million.

4. If Price has no bargaining power, then how come he's not signed yet? The guy has only shown that he is worth about $1 million with his inconsistant play so far....make him sign a 3 year deal worth $3 million and don't overpay him because he might be good in 5 more years!!!!

5. Price's deal is obviously going to be a lot more than it would have been before Halak's trade, seeing that Price is NOW the #1 goalie, he's going to demand more money then he deserves. He might have signed for less if he thought Halak was going to be coming back and the Habs would keep both.

6. Eller being ready next season remains to be seen. He couldn't even be a regular in St Louis last why is he all of a sudden NHL ready??? Like I said, he may be in the Habs lineup next year, but that doesn't mean he'll do anything.

7. You're opinion stinks!!!!
I nominate "Eller is NHL ready" as the most over-used sentence on the Habs board lately. It's being thrown like that all the time as if it was the absolute truth, but fact is that it's just an optimistic prediction, and he's as green and unproven as you can get. I still see a big hole of uncertainty right now on our 3rd line.

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