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07-27-2010, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
I never said I was right.
So you're saying you were wrong or might have been wrong? When someone says something it's kind of assumed that they, at the very least, have confidence that what they're saying is true.

I said I thought that's how they went about things. Read a little better next time.
Yeah, except that it doesn't matter "how they went about things" because, however they went about it, it's abundantly clear that they fudged it up, bad.

People may not have faith in Leighton, but he played really damn well and is worth keeping around as at least a backup.
Most people would agree that he's worth keeping around, but not at 1.55 mil (more then proven, legit goalies like Chris Mason are making). If that's how much it costs to keep him then you let him go completely or you wait him out and see if you can sign him for cheaper.

Leighton has no history of success and has never posted even decent regular season stats in his NHL career. He wasn't even worthy of playing in the NHL before we picked him up. Then he posted some good stats on our team. I wonder why that is? Maybe it's because we had arguably the best defense in the league. I'm guessing that helped him out quite a bit.

You can look at things like a goalie market and predict all you want, but in the end you couldn't say Turco was definitely not going to anyone.
You're missing the point completely. It doesn't matter whether it was specifically Turco that would be available or not. The point is that this was a buyer's market for goalies and that it was obvious that, not only would there be several goalies available, but that most of them would be cheap. Every knowledgeable fan predicted that goalies would be left without a job by this time of year. Guess what? They were right. Theodore and Turco are both still available with possibly Niemi joining them later. Danis and Nabokov both went to the KHL because they couldn't find a job. That's four, potentially five goalies, with all but one of them being starters.

So, actually, yeah, everybody ****ing predicted this because it was ****ing obvious that it would happen.

He could have been in talks with other teams and disappeared in the first day. My best guess is Holmgren was trying to cover all his bases and not get caught with his pants down with Nabokov and Turco gone, and their starter in the Stanley Cup finals gone. Was it a good move? No, I ****ing agree with you on that and yet you rant like a dick to me.
Then why are you defending him?

I'm not "ranting like a dick". I'm just sick of all of the Homer apologising. He ****ed up this off-season. There's no excuses for it.

Holmgren shouldn't have jumped the gun on Leighton, cause if Turco isn't gone, I think Leighton wouldn't have been signed either. Whoever weighed the options and risk did a horrible job. Period.
Yep. Except that before you said that you were waiting to "know what happened and hear explanations behind each move" before you criticized him.

Only saving grace left is that they clear some cap room and get Turco.
Yeah, do you honestly think that they'll go after Turco? I don't. Not unless he's willing to sign for dirt cheap (like 1.5 mil cheap). I'm pretty sure Homer is fine with our goalie tandem as of now, which is disturbing.

We also wouldn't have had to clear cap room if our GM didn't **** everything up in the first place. So the cap space thing is kind of a moot point.

Awesome use of bolds, BTW. How's that avatar working for you?
I don't even know what you mean here. Making fun of me because I use the bold function and don't have an avatar? lol.

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