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07-27-2010, 02:50 PM
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My predictions:

Eller, pumped up by all the hype scores 73 goals beating Selanne's rookie record and Halak bursts spontaneously into flames after a Jim Carey performance.

Latendresse gets a sponsorship from McDonald's and gain 200 lbs, while Pouliot has a stomach surgery so that he cna now digest nitro and it works. Everytime the coach presses on X (or B for the oldschool), Pouliot gets a speed burst. He ends up the year with 35 wraparounds (the goalie is still stuck to the other post)

Price gets a diploma from a budist martial art instution on a deserted island in the Indian ocean. He literally starts goaltending on his head. Pierre Groulx is instantly replaced by "Roshi".

JM is suspected for the death of Daniel Brière, after his head explodes when in a breakaway. Same thing happens to Jason Spezza while trying to pass Gill (à la Souray). Rumors also link him to the disappearance one of Kessel's testicle.

Cammalleri scores 2 goals per game.

Gomez is playing so great that Fans think he is underpaid. There is a riot at the door of the Bell center to have his salary doubled.

Hamrlik re-signs a front loaded contract 10 years, 50M, lowering his cap average from 5.5M to 5M. His followers call that a bargain. Brisebois starts booing him. Jack Todt writes a series of article focusing on Hamrlik errors.

Talking about the Gazette's people... Red Fisher write an article tracing the birth of hockey to his youth, before they invented fire and the wheel... His uncle was eating a frozen dinosaur steak and slaped it hard with a pole in order to tenderize it. Hockey was born.

PK subban goes to the all star game. He obviously wins the car, etc. But what is more noticeable is at the Skill competition, he breaks every skating record... EVEN when the vcr is on slowmotion... Actually, you cannot see him unless it's on slow motion. After his turn of the rink, they had to stop the contest for 3 hours in order to redo the ice. It is said that there was a trail of flame behind him as he skated.

Louis Leblanc gains 60 pounds and now weight 170 lbs, still under standard, maybe in another 5 years Louis. He performs well during his 10 NCAA games scoring 6 pts, is named the (yawwwwn, boring league, boring stats) player of the year, etc. Harvard consider changing its name to "Louis Leblanc was here". Leblanc literally makes team Canada. i.e. they aknoledge their 09' mistake of not naming him, so they ONLY name him for 2010. He wins the gold, silver and bronze. He is also decerned a figure skating medal and an academy award for his "thank you" speech.

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