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Originally Posted by Halifaxhab View Post
99% of the time these guys sell knockoffs. If what you want is an authentic jersey as a keepsake, buy direct from the NHL site or retailer. But if all you want is a jersey of your favorite team, no harm in it, especially considering the price. I mean really, if you're going to wear it to games and just out of the house, which one would you rather have? The 300-400 $ "authentic" version or the 50-70$ "knock-off" version that the majority of people wouldn't notice the difference anyway.

I own both types for my favorite team and looking side by side it is very hard to tell the difference, and both are well made.

It all comes down to what you feel comfortable with and the intended use
You can buy a legitimate licensed replica for $130. That is what 99% of fans buy in stores. You don't need to have an on-ice authentic for $300. I collect jerseys, and while I do prefer authentic, there are deals to be had. You just have to know how to shop. Just like most people, I can't afford to fork out $130 in one shot for even a replica jersey, so I save my money! It seems to be a foreign concept in today's society. I don't buy on impulse. I put a certain amount of money away every paycheque and when I have enough for something I want for my collection, I buy it.

I was in Vancouver for the Olympics, and I could tell that at least every second Team Canada hockey jersey I saw people wearing in the streets was a counterfeit piece of crap. So no, it's not hard to tell the difference.

Nobody should feel comfortable buying a fake jersey, knowing that your money is fueling illegal labour in other countries, and aside from that, you don't know where else your money could be going.

Points to remember for people looking to buy a legitimate jersey...

-Reebok does not make authentic on-ice jerseys with names and numbers. You can only buy them blank and then have them customized with a name and number.

-All authentic on-ice jerseys are made in Canada. No exceptions. If you're getting something from overseas, claiming to be an authentic Reebok Edge jersey, it's fake. Guaranteed. Reebok produces its replica jerseys, which is the majority of what you find in stores, in Indonesia...however, nobody makes fake replica jerseys because the appeal is to have an authentic.

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