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Originally Posted by Habs Fan in NJ View Post
Does WVU suck? I hope so, I'm not that good yet. I played Roller hockey from ages 6-16 and ice from 8-14. Most of what remains is roller hockey fundamentals so I'm still bringing back what I remember from ice, and just getting my **** together in general. Right now I'm working on things that really just come down to ice time and getting used to it, such as vision, and overall what I guess you could call "hockey IQ." I'm decent on skates I would say. I never fall or anything, I'm decently quick, right now I'm just working on stopping which is coming a little slower than I would like. I'm decent now but I just need to work on stopping ALL momentum. I don't really kick up much snow. But that's the only thing I don't do well as far as skating goes. Right now I've been doing a lot of open skates, open stick and pucks, open rec hockey. If I don't make the team this year, I will continue to practice like that, but at some point organized team hockey in a serious league is in my future. So I guess maybe in that sense I should invest in nice skates since that is what is in store no matter what. I won't be giving up any time soon.
I recall your post from the Pens board.

Reading the bolded above, sounds like you're being a bit ambitious. Like I said, the WVU club team isn't the best college team in America but it's still made up of better high school players for the most part.

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