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07-27-2010, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Clint View Post
You saying it's not difficult to become a lawyer shows how very little you know about the law. Unless, of course, you went to a 4th tier school like, say, FIU.

I like how you just changed your occupation from student to law, BTW. Nice touch.

Let's do a little sleuthing. You joined in February. Your occupation was listed as "student." Isn't the Florida bar exam... today? Pray tell, counselor, how can you be a lawyer if your semester just ended and you haven't even passed the bar yet?
yawn! well i guess you just proved beyond a reasonable doubt that im not a lawyer. unless you consider that, i graduated in december, passed the bar in february, am currently working in a law firm doing ERISA litigation until next semester begins because Im doing an LLM which is a masters in law if you didnt know. i did just change my occupation from student to law because it is the first time i thought about since i registered. im sure if i go to some of the other message boards i use they still say that im an accountant. once again, yawn!

and i am now officially done with this line of conversation.

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