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07-28-2010, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by AJRanger View Post
I have to agree with those that've put Frolov on the second line. I think he'd work well with AA - assuming he gets the second C spot - and it helps to keep the two best offensive players (Gabby, Frolov) apart.

The fact that there's so many possibilities can only be a good thing for the team, at least players shouldn't be shoehorned into positions they don't belong in.
I agree 100% which is why i didnt give the slightest consideration to putting them together. You need to have your two most efficient scoring threats apart because you face a good team with a good shutdown line to stop frolov and gabby then you have no scoring behind that 1st line. At least if you split them up then opposing teams can only put there best defensive line against either gabby or frolov. And it most likely will be gabby which is great for Frolov WHICH is WHY AA should be on the 2nd line because with frolov next to him going up against a weaker defensive line AA will have a chance to score more this year and bring out his offensive game.

Ola, I have an extreme amount of respect for you because your posts are always insightful on this board, HOWEVER, I have to 100% disagree with you for putting AA on the 4th line. The kid has the talent and he is absolutely NOT a 4th liner and should absolutely NOT be playing with the weakest forwards on the team. Him being on the 4th line last year was because it was his rookie year and playing with bigger and tougher guys like shelley and prust made him feel comfortable. This year we have Frolov who has good size and I'm not saying frolov is out there to protect him because he is not. But with frolov next to him and also him being russian he should definitely feel comfortable. And on top of that AA needs to grow up and mature and roll with the punches. He cant be playing with 4th liners to feel comfortable.

Also Ola this isnt just you suggesting this, Avery should not be ANYWHERE but on the 4th line. Yeah he has speed and he's pesty but thats it. He cannot finish. He never has been a good scorer because he cant finish. That was said of him when he was first traded here from LA, great speed but cant finish. And it shows. He was awful last year and I know he was hurt but thats not the reason why he couldnt score. The way avery plays the game automatically makes him a 4th liner. Yeah he could be a 3rd liner on some teams, however, there are more talented and younger guys that are ahead of him on the depth chart. Even grachev is ahead of him and he very well may not make the team out of camp starting in hartford at the beginning of the year.

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