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07-28-2010, 12:36 PM
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That's not what Cunneyworth believes. That's what the Habs believes Cunneyworth should believe.

You seriously think that a career coach solely wants to replicate what a NHL team system?

Yes, make your players aware of what the NHL coach is looking forward if you want to graduate, but with the numbers of coaches you'll probably see even if you're not traded, chances are you'd go from one system to another.

Might as well make sure that your AHL team knows how to win nevertheless the system. Make sure your players improve their individual skills. Make sure that the the "overall" pattern of an organization is followed, as in speed and skills or grit and toughness etc....Overall just make sure you become NHL material 'cause when the time is needed, chances are even if there are some new things to learn, you'll be the one called.

But the system? Well it is typical of what this organization has become GOOD OR BAD. 2-headed monster, with Gauthier in charge of everything, not permitting their staff to talk whatsoever, and Martin grooming the organization hockeywise at his image. It can pay off. We'll see. Depending if you like Martin and Gauthier's image....

Personnally, I'd wish that communication would be in order. From the AHL coach and NHL coach towards their players. From the GM and staff towards the public. We have neither. Let's hope it all translate into wins. Pretty sure it better be 'cause if some journalists thought that the team under Gillett and Co looked unfriendly, can't imagine what they think now. Not that it does matter a whole lot just that if some people in this board thought that the "mediots" were so crazy, imagine if this team doesn't perform......

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