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07-28-2010, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by DallasFan121 View Post
Yeah, Chad, sure. You're in the wrong Forum, you want the Forum for people with Grand Dillusion Syndrome. None of you really know anything about these prospects, what their capabilites are etc, you're at BEST guessing and in most cases dead wrong about many on this list. But that's my opinion just as valid as yours is to you. As far as my rebuttle being a joke, well, the joke is you
And you do know something about these prospects? Your first foray on here showed that's not accurate, so if everyone here is as clueless as you are, why are you hostile towards others trying to fill in a deal summer by debating an entirely subjective ranking?

I've been around here for years, and the overall knowledge on this board is actually pretty good. There are several differences of opinion, but for the most part the opinions are based on facts. No, it's not professional scouting good, if for no reason other than we rarely ever see any of these guys play, but that was a joke or a sarcastic reply that seemingly got you troubled.

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