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07-28-2010, 11:37 PM
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The Case for Offer Sheets

Recently, Howard Roark, one of our guest writers, took the time to analyze the strategical benefits and implications of using an offer sheet to improve the Kings' roster.

Here is a snippet of that article:

If I am correct in my analysis, pilfering a top RFA now becomes an analytical exercise in minimizing the risk of retaliation. If I am Lombardi, I stay away like the plague from any RFA playing on a Big Spender franchise. These teams will not take kindly to being attacked and have both the resources and the will to retaliate. On the other hand, if I know a team is in financial straits or is minimizing its losses to ensure a quick sale, that is who I attack. Teams like Phoenix whose budget is constrained by the NHL or Nashville, which has a hard ceiling, look like enticing victims. The owners in St. Louis have made it clear they want out as soon as possible and will not take on more losses. Thus, this is where Lombardi can turn his attention.
The rest of his case can be read here:

Personally, I am not a huge fan of the offer sheet method, however Howard took an interesting approach, that has names jumping out at me like crazy... Patric Hornqvist, Erik Johnson, Bergfors, Niskanen, Little and Hanzal to name a few. Is this likely? Hell if I know. But maybe, just maybe, Dean is already tinkering with this idea.

Here is a list of notable RFAs yet to be signed (and UFAs too, but those names suck!)

Look at it this way, one Dirty Harry reference, does not a GM make. If Dean always did exactly as he said, then DIEHARD would have trouble coming up with a nickname for Lombardi.

Is it worth the money, picks and risk? Depends. The part that intrigues me the most about Howard's article, is that his approach is a financial one, and not purely the typical internet "omg Bobby Ryan is a great player so lets offer sheet him!"

Take a read, enjoy, and most importantly, weigh in!

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