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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
All games between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Seconded. X100000000.

Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
more tortorella bs. nothin new here. same old crap out the clowns mouth.

any team with capt quaalude as your 2nd or 3rd centerman is in trouble. duh.

this team is damn lucky that frolov agreed to a 1yr 3 mil deal. a line of frolov, gaby and prospal could be exciting. that is, until the clown plays them 20 minutes per game for 2 months straight.

unfortunately, were still a one line team ( albeit a better one line team compared to any time last year). weve yet to really address any secondary scoring if we play fro with gabs. i really like alex frolov at this price. very happy we got him and looking forward to seeing fro at even strength and on the powerplay setting up gabs.

defensively this team is still a mess until we dump blowszy and or redden and sign someone who can stay home and clear hanks crease- and thats prolly not mcd either.

i have no problem at all with prospal, ec and arty as our 3 centerman to start the year but we WILL need a center sometime this season if we are to attempt to compete.

if im the norwegian midget, im kinda bummed we signed frolov..... could very well mean hes in hartford more. he did sign a 2 way deal though....

I don't think you can look at more scoring solely from a line perspective. I know everyone loves to boast about Gabby's ability to play and score with anyone. It's true, but lets not act like adding someone else to the mix doesn't benefit him, Frolov, and the rest of the team. Goals count the same no matter what line scores them. Did it matter when Straka-Nylander-Jagr were scoring every goal for us?

All that matters is you find ways to put pucks in the net.

As you mentioned, Frolov on the powerplay is something I'm most excited about. Unfortunately all I can think about is the people last year who were freaking out about how Kotalik's bomb from the point was going to salvage our powerplay. I know this is totally different but it still brings back those bad memories.

Sometimes I think people fail to realize just how CRUCIAL the powerplay is in the new NHL.

We have had a steady and very good PK since the lock out. Our powerplay (like most others in the league) has been inconsistent.

The dominant teams destroy the league because of their superior talent and being able to utilize it on the powerplay (Caps, Pens, Hawks, Flyers, etc).

It's one thing that frustrates me about how the game is. I'm not for the clutching and grabbing but at the same time the game is called almost too close for my liking and the powerplay decides the outcome of SO many games.

This is something we need to understand as an organization. If we find a way to have a top 10 powerplay, with Hank in net, we are a playoff team. It's really that simple.

The powerplay is so important and Frolov should help that.

Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
2 edged sword. patience or missed opportunities ?

in our haste to make sure we dont move yutes for vets, we tend to overvalue the kids and that isnt a recipe for success either.

if the right player is available, and that player makes us better now and in the future, you make the move. when it comes to making deals, if it means you surrender young players to get better.... you do it.

keeping all the kids sounds great, problem is.... it could guarantee us being mediocre for long stretches. im not down for that at all.

I agree completely, but I also don't think we've had a prospect group this deep in a real long time.

I understand overvaluing prospects, but I think that what we have in Kreider, Grachev, Stepan, McD, Werek, Thomas, MZA, Anisimov etc. is something that we truly haven't had in ages.

You can bring up the overvaluing of prospects but I think that anyone who really has analyzed them and looked into it deeper would not be able to compare the majority of the ones we've had in the past to what we are currently building.

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