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07-29-2010, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
The quote by Torts in the OP is probably the most irrelevant. Anyone who pays attention to this team knows that. Unfortunately it's not that easy.

To me, it's not worth it to make deal that costs us picks or top prospects (and take note, I'm ALWAYS one of the biggest proponents of the win now mentality, because you never know about prospects).

But I just don't know how it makes any sense right now.

Is Brad Richards a hell of a player? Sure. But do we really want that cap hit? Are we really a Brad Richards away from competing for a Stanley Cup? I just don't think a move for a top center does ENOUGH to put us in a position to compete for a Cup rigth now.

And the way I see it is that in order to acquire that center, we'd have to surrender younger, valuable roster players (which we can't afford to do and almost simultaneously negates the move for the center), or we're going to have to have to give up top prospects and early draft picks. Neither of which this organization can afford at this point.

I don't mind the structure of the team. If they're really going to give Stepan a look in camp, great. Is he ready? Probably not. But what the hell. I'd rather sit tight with what we have and keep building then take a step back and sideways by doing what I mentioned above.

Are we that good of a team right now? No. But we're not that bad either. Just be patient, and stay the course.
I'm a big Richards fan, and think he's the perfect fit on the 1st line. But, I just don't see how it gets done. And, given that he's a year away from free agency, I really would not want to part with important assets to get him.

Now, I'd love to see Sather find a way to pawn Drury off on a team like LA or Toronto, (being that Burke is such a huge fan - Drury for Finger/D'Amigo...come on, Burkie, you love his leadership), then I'd consider moving Grachev in such a deal for Richards. But, I do not see that as a likely possibility.

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