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Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post
You can be sick of it all you want. I've never stated it before so I guess I should appologize to you?!

Not for nothing, because I'm not gonna argue with you about Dubi's place on this team or why he will or will not get traded, but just because he didn't get traded for Dan Heatley a yr ago... doesn't mean he won't get traded this season for someone else. The situations are mutually exclusive.

IF Dubi is a left wing and NOT a center AND FROLOV IS PLAYING WITH GABBY... his career in NY just took a hit... that's a fact.

I like him just as much as you probably do and DO NOT WANT TO SEE HIM DELT. But facts are facts.

IF the plan is to land a #1 center... a trade will have to be made... the left side is a source of strength (along with the young D) on this team... meaning one of those groups will be the trade bait.

Draw your own conclusions.
It's irrelevant if you've ever said it before. If you read the boards plenty of people throw it out there and the entire basis of the argument is "uhh we have a lot of players now."

The Dany Heatley factor is huge because it was leaked information, and it proves a point about just how high they value Dubinsky.

Tell me Riche, what player are they getting back for Dubinsky that's better than Heatley? That's what I'd like to know.

They wouldn't do it for Heatley. It was leaked information. THEY WOULDN'T TRADE HIM FOR A 40-50 GOAL SCORER AND AN 80-100 POINT GUY.

Tell me on what planet does it make any sense for them one year later to move him for anything less than that?

Oh because Heatley wasn't a center? In some cases you might be able to argue that. But not when the guy you could've gotten is a perennial 40-50 goal scorer and 80-100 point player.

The situations are not as mutually exclusive as you and others would like to think.

Frolov? The guy we signed to a one year deal? Yeah maybe he'll have a good season. Who is to say we re-sign him? Who is to say he doesn't receive a better offer from someone else?

The left side is stacked right now. You're right. But it is no longer a "source of strength" if you move Dubinsky.

Frolov and Prospal on 1 year deals. One's 28 and the other is 35. Brandon Prust means we can afford to trade Dubi? Sean Avery?

Just because we have depth at a spot doesn't mean you're going to trade THE BEST OF THE GROUP who is a home grown kid and 24 freaking years old and getting better every year.

I will draw my own conclusions, and unlike everyone who assumes Dubi is on his wait out, they're actually based on paying attention to the situation and using some common sense.

That's why I'm sick of it. And I'm not trying to attack you I just don't see how there is any logic in it.

I also disagree that his career in New York took a hit because he'll be playing left wing.

I think he showed he has more ability on LW and considering the rate he's already progressed at and everything he brings to the table, I only see him continuing to get better.

If anything I think him playing LW means his career in New York might be solidified.

For all the second tier players underneath him, well they might be the ones who are in a rough spot.

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