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07-29-2010, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by ReenMachine View Post
Lots of people still hate him for the Roy Fiasco.
He isn't the one who took the final decision. He was dumb to conduct himself as Mr. Know-it-all, but he is not responsible for what Roy did and for how Houle and Corey handled that situation. Not responsible for how stupid the return was 'cause while trading the best goalie of all-time might be stupid, the return is key to how stupid it was...

There was a whole lot of possibility to sit both Roy and Tremblay and give some sense to both of these guys IF we had guys with leadership running the show. We didn't.

The best part of that hiring, or so I think, is that it might serve to put some sense into stupid reactions like the oldies are having. The guy was just in the league the year before. With tons of experience about how it is NOW. It might leveled the field when he'll be face to Bergeron, Flynn and Therrien of this world. But again, or so I hope. He is friend of all those guys. So we'll see what role he'll play. Let's hope he doesn't suddenly forget his past and start bashing the same way.

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