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07-29-2010, 11:17 AM
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This is the one area that I disagree with on Lombardi in terms of philosophy. The obvious targets for the Kings in terms of need (LW) and talent are:

1) Ryan
2) Neal
3) Hornqvist

The question would be what strategy to pursue. Many will say Dean would have to lock Doughty up first, then Johnson and then Simmonds before making such a move, but I would suggest the reverse should be considered. The Kings are going to match any offer Doughty gets, that is obvious.

His first priority should be Simmonds and if I were him I would offer a deal that gives him a nice raise, but only for two years that would I believe give him arbitration rights as an RFA when the contract expires. This does a few things. First it gives Simmonds a nice raise over two seasons, second it gives the Kings some breathing room with the cap and allows them to see exactly what they have in Simmonds, third by then they should have an idea on what Clifford is going to bring to the table.

Then you try to get a deal with Johnson done. May be a taller order and is not a must to move forward on the offer sheet strategy.

It would also be nice, but not necessary to have Doughty signed to something like an 8 year deal before tendering an offer sheet.

Then you go hunting. First target is Ryan. I say give him something just short of Kopitar's deal. I hear rumblings that Ryan wasn't pleased about how he was the player getting jerked around in the Duck's cap mess when Burke was still there and feels that the organization "owes" him some money that got left on the table when he was forced to the AHL to make things work for them. If the Kings front load a five year deal and put $32M on the table, can the Ducks match?

Yes, Diehard unlike Cammalleri this kid would actually be worth the money and you do have to overpay a little to get a free agent. No doubt Ryan >>>>>>> Cammalleri. Anyone want to argue that point?

If you sign him your core players are:

and hopefully Bernier

Now there are supplemental core players that you definitely want to hang onto in Simmonds, Johnson, Brown, and hopefully Hickey and Schenn down the line. But you can see how nicely things might take shape.

Dallas beat writer Heika had a decent article on this

I don't think Neal is anywhere near Ryan's level, but he wouldn't be as expensive.

Doing something like this wouldn't be just about next season either, which has been one of my main hopes all along. The future would be in good hands.

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