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07-29-2010, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
I think you're in denial , no offense man. You seem to be waving off responsibility and redirecting to the horrible GM and trade. In reality, both played a part in crippling this organization, and both are guilty.

Tremblay is the man who ****ed up the relationship with our superstar, franchise player, stanley cup winner goaltender. PERIOD.

Yes, he was young and stupid - but does this mean I should forgive him and forget about the Roy Fiasco? It's like telling a holocaust survivor to start driving german cars because we are in 2010 and not in the 40's ... Aint gonna happen buddy! And that's just the way world spins.
Any idea of how the relationship was BEFORE that incident? Any clue? Both guys were handling the other quite well. They were almost bounding. Then Tremblay in fact THAT ONE TIME became stupid and decided to teach Roy a lesson. Now....what if Roy isn't childish and unprofessionnal and decides NOT to address Corey behind the bench? And just instead decides to grip Tremblay in the dressing room and tell him how he feels? Would we have known how pissed he was? Would he have be traded that soon for that ridiculous trade?

Waving off responsability? Where did I say that. He did play a part in this no question. BUT HE'S NOT THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIRING HIMSELF. He's not the one responsible for the rest of this fiasco. What part does Corey play in your world? How about Houle?

Did he play a part? Yes. THE DRIVING FORCE? Come on....In your world maybe. And where did I mention to forgive him? Chances are though, if you happen to listen to that channel, chances are you'd like more what he's going to say than what the other clowns are going to. Gaston Therrien never made such a bad trade for us....does it makes him a better analyst? How about Chantelois? Or Michel Bergeron?

Geez Holocaust and Roy-Tremblay? Really?

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