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Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post
Common sense tells me that without signing Frolov... Dubi would have probably been 1LW. Might have been Prospal. Now that Frolov is here (and from what Torts said) it SEEMS that he's at best 2LW. Less minutes... lower on depth chart... less PP time. Career hit? Maybe... maybe not. I wish we could ask him.

Please, I'm not saying he will be traded... I'm just more concerned (for him) now than I was say two days ago.
In a perfect world I'm sure Torts knows Fro plays with Gabby. That doesn't mean it's going to work and it doesn't mean he isn't going to switch things up like he always does.

Not everyone on your team or organization needs to pan out to be a top line player in order to be a valuable component to the roster.

Dubinsky is part of the CORE. He WILL be here.

I don't think there's any reason to be concerned.

If a first line center was what was keeping this team from winning a Stanley Cup, then yes I'd say your fears would be warranted.

This team trading Dubi/Prospects/Picks for a first line center (one who is a myth, and doesn't exist, outside of Richards who doesn't make sense with his impending UFA) does nothing but possibly make this team a second round exit at best.

We need to keep Dubi/the kids/picks/prospects and when it's time for this team to take the next step then we acquire that first line center (most likely, and preferably through free agency).

Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post

People need to stop pushing me into talking about how Dubi WILL be traded. I never said that.

But IF Frolov has a good yr and we then want to resign him... THAT affects Dubi here no?

This is not to say that NYR wouldn't want Dubi on 2LW anyway. But if they need to package him for a 1C... it's more possible no?

To be fair, you brought up the fact that "someone may be dealt...possibly Dubi."

So now to get mad that people are bringing it up doesn't make sense. Saying the word "will" doesn't matter because nobody knows the future so it wouldn't change your comment to me or my response.

I think you answered your own question. Frolov doesn't really affect Dubi because he should be on the 2nd line anyway. It probably benefits him.

And again, how does packaging Dubi for a first line center, one that ACTUALLY is a top line difference maker, making us significantly better and a Stanley Cup team? It's two steps forward and one step back.

Making a move like that (because it will cost more than Dubinsky) doesn't make sense at this stage of our organization.

We're not ready to be a Cup contender right now. So you STAY WITH THE KIDS AND PLAYERS LIKE DUBINSKY until they've grown and when the time is right via free agency you acquire one.

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