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07-29-2010, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
Not in NY ... the most winning franchise in N.America.

I guess the hab fans are not in the same league as the yankee fans in that way.

I forgot how mediocre and amateur everything that surrounds this organization is, ending with RDS and it's viewers.

This team is turning into a freaking joke ... or maybe it's just like every other city ... thought we were special and had higher expectations , my bad. I should know by now!

/ rant
Please explain me, considering the team's actual improvement and last playoff run, the talented youth coming from Hamilton, the team's core, the actual management (PG and JM are seasoned professionals, wether you like them or not), the Molson family securing this team's future, how you can justify your statement that this team is "turning into a freaking joke" and that you seem to be unsatisfied according to your "higher expectations".

Less dramatization, more realism, and less confusion please. RDS is a total, distinct, independant, sovereign entity and has no DIRECT relationship with the CH's decisions, and vice-versa (other than TV rights, which are related to money and marketing only). RDS as an enterprise has a philosophy (wether we agree with it or not does not matter), it's not turning into a joke, it's making profits, and by our actual economy and social standards, money-related stats are the modern times' dictators. RDS is RDS, Canadiens are the Canadiens. Holocaust is NOT similar to Roy-Tremblay, none of your analogies work (Not even NYY and CH since it is a different country, culture, population, medias' reality, sport, history, management, MLB's reality and NHL's realities are VERY different).

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