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Originally Posted by McNasty View Post
Carter has had an 84 point season at center. You can discount it all you want, and you will because ignoring his success at center is the only way your argument makes sense. To put the ball in your court show me one winger who has had a 30 goal year riding shot gun with Giroux for a season? Giroux is a better passer/playmaker without question but let's stop anointing the kid as a #1 center, his career high in assists is 31 (Carter's 38). When your talking about offense production is really all that matters, and sorry Giroux hasn't proven that he is on the same level that Jeff Carter is offensively. Carter is better defensively and better at faceoffs so I really don't understand why people would want to put him on the wing.
My opinion is that Giroux is more beneficial to the team at center over Carter.

Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Carter will be playing centre because he's our best centre and our best overall forward. It's not even really a point for discussion.
Carter is the best center because he scores goals in bunches and then disappears for a week or two and does not contribute other than faceoffs, can be caught floating, and could not pass his way out of a paper bag.

Watch what D-men do when Carter has the puck on the sideboards.....they rush him immediately, forcing him to move the puck. Watch what d-men do when Giroux has the puck, they stand off and use the stick to take away the lanes.

Originally Posted by McNasty View Post
Blasphemy, how could a guy who doesn't turn his linemates into production machines like Asham and JVR be any teams best forward?
Put Carter with JvR and Asham or Carcillo...

Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
Fair enough.

You don't think Carter, a 40 goal scorer, causes match-up problems?

Carter has also been experimented on the wing and he looks completely lost. Briere and Giroux might not be PPG players on the wing, but they don't look like retards on skates like Carter does. They are the ones that need to be more flexible because their games translate better to the wing.

The playoffs are fooling a lot of people. Briere won't score 100 points playing centre like he was on pace for in the playoffs and he's a severe defensive liability. Giroux is a natural winger, anyway. This business that skilled players need to play centre in order to have the puck and score points is a John Stevens-ism that I can't stand.

We're a better team with Carter and Richards as 1a and 1b centres and one or both of the other two on the wing.

Hogwash. Stevens benefitted guys like Carter more, dump and chase......Laviolette likes to have an offense who can gain the zone with possession, he also relies on a guy at the point to disrupt the play out of the zone, Giroux is one of the best skaters on the team and anticipates the play, how many times has he gone in and pick-pocketed the d-man and caused a turnover?

The Jeff Carter love is strong here, let us forget what the team did without Jeff Carter and go back to streaky Jeff, with his high and wide, soft play.

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