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07-29-2010, 01:25 PM
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I just went to my first game in a league back at home at the invitation of a friend that I knew in high school. I played college hockey and he played club hockey, so when he asked if I wanted to play in a league with him over the summer I figured it'd be decent competition. Well, first game I had a hat trick 8 minutes in and the other team was already getting angry. I stopped shooting and just started looking to set guys up for slam dunks and by the end of the first it was 7-2.

The guys on my team started grumbling about me not passing the puck enough, which I thought was crazy since I hadn't taken a shot in over 10 minutes and was ONLY looking to set them up, but it turns out they didn't like me carrying the puck and looking to set them up for a goal; they wanted break out passes and to carry the puck themselves (it's not like I carried it every time I touched it, it was just that my game IS carrying the puck and looking for a quick pass in the zone so it's kind of a habit to skate it if I have room in front of me).

So I dropped back to defense and started just making outlet passes and hanging way back, barely ever crossing their blue line. It became painful to watch. I don't know how my buddy ended up putting us in this league but it had to be C level? I definitely shouldn't have been there, but he shouldn't have been either after just playing club. Still, he couldn't do much all by himself. All that happened after I dropped back was the other guys on the team slapped the puck around, never set anything up, never made an actual strong pass and didn't put any pucks in the net. The other team tied the game when I started taking much shorter shifts on defense as well and so finally with about 6 minutes left in the third I told guys to start standing two in front of the net and one at one of the circles. I literally just started shooting pucks AT them to try and bounce one in. They ended up slapping in a rebound and having one go in off a knee and that's how we ended up winning. It was a little sad.

Long story short, I never went back for another game and just returned to playing pick up with guys I've actually played against and know can school me sometimes, but it turns out that when you're playing with guys who just can't keep up, the rule of thumb really IS get them to stand around the crease and just throw pucks towards them.

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